Review: Tallinn Hilton

My three night stay and review of the Tallinn Hilton.  The hotel is located about a 15min walk from the town center. It is a little out of the way for those who may not want to walk but the tram/bus stop of Keskturg is only one block away. This is also where you want to get off if you’re taking the tram from the airport. If you’re coming from the port, you’ll want to take bus #2 to the same top. Either form of transportation will take about 10 mins so there really isn’t a need to take a taxi unless you have a lot of luggage or are just unsure of the public transport system.

The hotel shares the building with a casino but I didn’t go in to check it out. The staff was friendly and as a diamond member, I was given a room on the 10th floor. It didn’t have anything in terms of a view but the room itself was nice.  There was nothing memorable about the room (bed, bathroom, closet) but it wasn’t anything that blew me away either. The executive lounge is on the 11th floor and you can go there for afternoon refreshments as well as food during happy hour.

In terms of food, the hotel has an impressive spread for a breakfast buffet with food ranging in eggs and bacon to more local cuisine like smoked salmon and herring. I thought all of it was great. My only complaint was that the servers would come by at the beginning to offer OJ or coffee but then wouldn’t come by again to refill any drinks. Maybe that’s a cultural difference between the US and Estonia but I thought it was odd.

Overall, I thought the hotel was perfectly fine. It’s just a short 5-10min tram ride to the town and the staff was very nice. However, if you don’t want to take the bus or the tram or aren’t as mobile, you may want to consider a hotel closer to or in the city center. Also, if you want to grab a bit outside of the hotel, there isn’t much (that I saw anyway) in terms of food.

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