Wilderness Hotel Nellim

Talk about a return to nature.  This campsite is rustic to say the least but in a  good way. Don’t expect to find a TV in every room or ultra fast internet here.  Your activities are outside and instead of using wifi to text someone, you’ll be expected to use your mouth to actually talk to a human being.

I stayed in a family suite which had a queen size been on the first floor along ith 2 twins in the loft.  The suite also had its own sauna which was incredibly useful in warming up from the cold outside.


The hotel is located next to 2 lakes, both of which were frozen over.  These created two fantastic locations to view the aurora since they offered unobstructed views of the sky and surrounding area.


I’d recommend booking your activities when you book your room.  I hadn’t booked anything and by the time I got there, everything had been filled (which was OK since the costs were adding up quickly).  Breakfast was included but lunch and dinner were not (at least for me). I skipped lunch since I had a large breakfast but dinner was 41 euros.  The food is served buffet style and was very good. But don’t think you’ll have low cost options here. They pretty much know you can either pony up and pay or sit hungry.

I understand this is a business but I thought for the prices they were asking, they really did find a way to nickel and dime you at every corner.  I’m not one to argue that it should all be free, but if you don’t book the packages (which aren’t cheap either), you’ll be paying for everything.

I was perfectly happy hiking around for hours on end.  I came back in time to take an afternoon nap then go back out and come back in time for dinner.  My first night, I didn’t get to the hotel until around 4pm so it was mostly just eating dinner and going to bed anyways since I was exhausted.


Overall, the experience was nice.  I enjoyed by 2 nights there. Would I go crazy if I had to spend an entire week there?  Probably. It’s nice for sure, but even I have a limit to the number of snow covered trees I can see.   However, for a guy from San Diego, the snow isn’t something I see all the time so it certainly brought out my inner child.  


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