Air France – 777 Business Class

Flying home from Stockholm, I flew Air France because it’s an airline I haven’t flow before and I was interested to see the business class lounge in Paris.  The initial flight from Stockholm to Paris was a “regular” intra Europe business class seat (which is just a regular economy seat with the middle seat blocked).  Being a 6am flight, I didn’t do much other than eat a small breakfast and try to catch up on some sleep.

Arriving in CDG was just a confusing mess.  I can’t remember the last time I transited through CDG but I don’t remember the airport being this convoluted.  It may have something to do with the olympics and the prep going into that but it was an absolute jumbled mess.

The lounge itself was better than I thought it would be.  It has 2 buffet areas with one area much larger than the other serving a wider variety of hot food.  The smaller area has less food and looked more like an area for snacks and dessert. The cool part about the lounge is that they offer free 20 min facials.  I’d recommend signing up as soon as you arrive to make sure you have enough time before your flight since the slots do fill up rather quickly. There are 2 treatments for men and 3 for women.  Having never had a facial before, I can honestly say I wouldn’t mind doing that again. After I could stop tensing up, I found it rather relaxing.

Boarding was fairly easy and I really enjoy the reverse herringbone seats.  It just provides privacy with a fair amount of space to stretch out and get work done.  Since this was a daytime flight, half the cabin was asleep and although they dimmed the lights, I really couldn’t do more than doze off for a few minutes here and there.  

The amenity kits were cool since they’re celebrating their 85th anniversary.  Normally I’m not one to go gaga over these things but I imagine I’ll keep this one since the colors are certainly unique enough.  They held the basics.

Lunch was served and was pretty much what you’d expect on a French airline.  I really enjoy French cuisine so I gobbled it down like it were my last meal but I can understand if you’re not into foie gras or beef cheek.  

The entertainment system was decent and had a lot of choices but among the choices were a lot of French films so in terms of choices you might be able to fully enjoy, it may or may not have been that extensive.  I may have been the only person left who hadn’t seen the the Avengers Infinity War movie so that along with work got me through the bulk of the flight.

Overall, the flight was enjoyable.  The crew was attentive enough even if it is somewhat “French” in terms of personality.  As you’d expect, the food was certainly above most meals you’d have a 35,000 feet and as a fan of French cuisine, I was a big fan.  

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