Cathay Pacific First Class Review

I’ve reviewed Cathay Pacific First class before and but this is one of those products that always excites me whenever I get the chance to fly it. 

The flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong departs in the middle of the night and arrives in Hong Kong early morning the next day (but just barely since it departs at 12:30am).  Boarding started exactly at 11:30pm and it didn’t take long for me to get to my seat at 1K. 

I’ve always been lucky with the cabin crew being attentive and friendly.  All 6 first class seats were occupied but the service was always attentive and prompt. 

Soon after getting settled, I was offered PJs and an amenity kit which hasn’t changed at all for as long as I can remember.  Drinks and nuts were served as well.  Shortly after takeoff, menus were distributed and my order was taken. 

I will say this might be the best meal I’ve ever had on a plane and it’s all because of one dish.  I gave up on ordering steak on a plane a long time ago because I order steak rare and every time I’ve ever had it on a plane, it comes back somewhere between well done and jerky.  I don’t know how the meal is prepared but it’s always overcooked for my liking.  Well this is the first time the steak came back perfectly rare for me.  I couldn’t believe it.  It was absolutely delicious.

After, I tried to get some sleep even had my bed made.  I laid down for a couple hours but didn’t get more than a few minutes of sleep total (which is normal for me) so I decided to just get up and work.   

For some reason I got hungry again and decided to order a burger as a “snack”.  I don’t know if I was just super lucky on this flight or if the cabin attendants working the flight were just incredibly talented but this burger was amazing as well.  Being a So Cal native, I’m very partial to In n Out burgers.  But this was arguably better.  I don’t know if I was really hungry, didn’t want to waste food, or if I just decided not to care how many pounds I need to lose but I gobbled that up like it was my last meal. 

The flight over was fantastic.  I always enjoy flying Cathay first and it’s always a great experience.  I think it mainly has to do with the crew and their attention to detail that makes the flight enjoyable.  The hard product isn’t groundbreaking so my only thought is that it’s the people who really make the flight world class. 

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