10,000 Buddhas Monastery

This had kind of been on list of  places I wanted to check out but wasn’t sure if I would have the time.  This is certainly an easy enough site to reach since it’s right off the Sha Tin MRT stop.

Depending on when you go, you’ll probably see a huge crowd of people.  This is more than likely the cemetery that’s located right next to the monastery.  Basically, if you’re going up escalators, you’re in the wrong place and need to go a little further and PAST the cemetery.

Once you’re on the path, you’ll know you’re in the right place because the gold Buddha statues will be lining the path all the way up the hill.  You’ll want to take your time since it isn’t an easy stroll (especially if it’s humid). When you’re almost to the top, you’ll see a gift shop area that sells refreshments as well as gifts and a few larger Buddha statues.  You’ll want to stop there since you’ll see what could arguably be the most impressive shrine (for lack of a better word) with countless tiny Buddha statues. There is no photography allowed so you’ll just have to walk up and see it for yourself.  But the sight alone is certainly worth it.

The path up the hill.
You’ll definitely notice the smell of incense burning all over the monastery.

You won’t really need anything more than an hour to walk up and down even if you take your time.  The site isn’t that big but it’s certainly a nice way to spend some time.

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