Butchers Club Burger

So, a burger joint in the heart of Hong Kong when you’re surrounded by all these amazing restaurants?  Absolutely.  Look, as much as I love eating all types of food, sometimes, nothing beats a good ol’ burger and fries to hit the spot.  This place will not disappoint. 

I actually found out about this place because of the Michelin guide as a recommended restaurant and being in the mood for something other than Chinese food, I decided to stroll over. 

The place is located down an unassuming alley which could be pretty easy to miss since it’s about a block in off the main street.  I got there right between lunch and dinner so I was the only one there.  The burger was really good and the service was outstanding (sure I was the only one there but hey, give credit when it’s due).  It isn’t the cheapest burger joint I’ve ever been to but it I thought  it was well worth it.  I believe the burger and fries were around $150HKD (about $20) so it isn’t cheap but I thought the ingredients used were well worth the price.

Don’t let the size fool you…it might be smaller compared to what you’d find in the US but the patties are thicker and juicier…and don’t forget the duck fat fries.

I know some may thing it’s a waste to eat here when surrounded by so many amazing choices for great local cuisine.  But if you’re looking for a place to change it up from all the dumplings, congee, and noodles, this is your place.

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