Next Trip!

As I write,  I’m actually on my way toward my next destination.  Regular readers might remember that I hinted that my tentative plans were to go to Belize and it’s actually happening. 

I’m not going to be here very long but I’m splitting up my time between San Ignacio (on the Western portion of the country) to visit some Mayan ruins and then finishing up in San Pedro island (to spend some days relaxing on the beach).  I also hope to drive across the border into Guatemala for the day to visit Tikal so my hope is that I can fit this all in. 

As a side note to all this, I’m starting out with a YouTube Channel to humanize the blog as well as allow you (the readers) to join me on my trips. Please subscribe to the channel if you like it and please let me know of any thoughts and comments you have!

A long travel day to Belize!

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