Rio On Pools

If you’re driving out to Caracol, you might as well stop at the Rio Frio pools.  It’s a refreshing dip after a long hot day of walking around the ruins.

It’s about a 30 min drive outside of Caracol but it’s on the way back so you can’t miss it. You can stop there on the way as well but I suggest you stop on the way back since it’ll be more refreshing.

There is a changing station there at the end of the path and you can go swimming in a few of the pools there.  Just note that the rocks beneath the water surface are really slippery so be careful. I def went down a few times.  Also, it isn’t like a pool so there’s no way of knowing how deep the water is in any particular area. You could be 3 feet from the river’s edge and be I water deeper than you so be careful.

It isn’t a major stop and I wouldn’t go here as my sole purpose.  However, it is one of those “since I’m already here, I might as well stop” type of places.

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