T&J Pupuseria

Want food made with pride and love? ✔. Served at an unassuming shed off a dirt path? ✔. A taste you can’t beat and will crave as soon as you leave? ✔.

Talk about a hole in the wall place that is a little confusing to get to (if using Google maps).  But the journey is completely worth it. This place is run by who I assume is a mother from El Salvador.  The pupusas are hand made and they come out piping hot from a very small kitchen. The whole place can probably seat 20 people outside and it looks like the property doubles as a home.

It may be a small kitchen but a lot of delicious magic happens on those stoves.

I went looking for something sweet, and  just happened to come across this place so I had to stop.  The pupusas are $2.25 BZD each so I ordered 4 to make it an even $5 USD.  It was late enough in the day that 2 were for a snack and 2 made for a wonderful dinner.

She has 3 different types.  One with cheese, another with beans, and a third that’s a mix of cheese, beans, and chicarons.  I got the mix and they were absolutely delightful. She makes them fresh to order and if you ask her what she thinks is the best item on her small menu, her face lights up with pride as she recommends her pupusas.

The menu is small but in the short time I was there, multiple people who live in the area stopped by to order food (which is as good a sign as any traveler could hope for if you ask me). The menu is small and handwritten on a chalkboard and at first, I was confused if the prices were in BZD or USD (it’s in BZD).

Can’t beat the prices or the food. Just note they’re only open a half day on Wednesday.

Look, it’s a little off the main drag in San Ignacio.  But considering the main drag of San Ignacio is probably 2 blocks long and all serve similar types of food, this walk up the hill is completely worth it.  Do yourself a favor and check this place out as it might be the best bang for your buck meal you’ll have.

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