Review: Ko Ox Han Nah Restaurant

I found Ko Ox Han Nah just looking around on Google maps and I just started randomly clicking on the restaurant icons. I don’t put too much stock in what people say online but I was hungry, tired, and just wanted to eat and go to bed. It turned out to be a very good decision.

Like many of the restaurants in San Ignacio, this is a small space but the food packs a serious punch.  I had heard this place can get pretty crowded (and the 2nd night, it was packed) but my first night there, the place was relatively empty.

I asked for a recommendation and was told the lamb curry was good.  It wasn’t good. It was freaking delicious. I did have my doubts of eating a hot dish especially when it was so warm but I got over it pretty quickly.  There was just too much flavor to ignore. The whole meal cost was $18 BZD ($9 USD). If all my meals in San Ignacio or Belize were like this, I’d be leaving very full and very spoiled.  Sadly, they weren’t.

lamb curry Ko Ox Han Nah Restaurant
High marks for the lamb curry….absolutely delicious

For the location, I thought the prices were pretty decent. I was expecting prices to be a little higher since it is in the “downtown” portion of San Igancio. (Although it’s about 2 blocks down the main drag so maybe that has something to do with it.)

I would recommend that you visit during the off times if you have a large group for sure. The 2nd time I didn’t bother waiting around since I was sort of in a rush. I was there during the off season and it was still packed.

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