Manzana Jesuitica (Jesuit Block) – UNESCO Site

This UNESCO site in the middle of downtown Cordoba is small but is totally worth the price of admission. 

Downtown Cordoba is a bustling city.  It really has a young college vibe to it and when you’re walking around downtown, you’ll see a lot of young Argentinians going to school, work, or just enjoying some coffee.  Manzana Jesuitica is a university but unless there are multiple locations, the school can’t be that large. 

UNESCO has the site listed as the Jesuit Block and the Estancias of Cordoba.  The Estancias are located further out from the city and you would either need to rent a car, take a tour, or I’m assuming take a bus to get to them.  They aren’t really close. However the Jesuit block is right in the historic center of Cordoba.

One thing to note:  the locals will call it Manzana Jesuitica (which to me means Jesuit apples) so it can be a little confusing if you’re trying to Google Jesuit Block and Estancias to find on a map.  It’ll more than likely send you out an hour from the city. Just know that you’ll want to look for Manzana Jesuitica on the map of Cordoba to get there. It’ll save a lot of time and confusion. 

Here’s the great part.  Admission is 30 pesos. That’s about $.70.  Yup, 70 cents. You can call it a dollar and it’s still dirt cheap to visit.  There isn’t much to see there but you do get to see some old books that were printed in the mid 1700s which is pretty cool.  It’s basically a square with a Jesuit statue in the middle and some rooms you can visit on the edges. You don’t need to pay the ticket if you just want to walk around the courtyard.  To be honest, that’s about 90% of the site.  

It might take you about 30 mins to go through the entire site but for $0.70, does it matter?  If you’re already there, what else could be better than going to a UNESCO site for under a dollar?  The rooms you can go in will be locked so you’ll have to ask one of the many guards there to open them for you.  You just have to show them your ticket and you’re on your way. 

It isn’t the most impressive site nor is it the grandest.  But it’s certainly worth a visit if you’re in Cordoba. My guess is you’re going to want to do something to change it up from visiting all the amazing churches and cathedrals. 

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