Sheraton Cordoba Hotel – Review

The Sheraton is located about a 10 minute walk from the city center (Plaza San Martin).  It’s a slightly dated hotel but the location is decent.  

Check in and Lobby

The hotel from the outside looks like a modern hotel and it can’t be missed because it’s the tallest building around.  You can take the Aerobus to the hotel but I can’t tell you which stop I got off at since they aren’t marked. But from where I got off, it was about a 5 min walk to the hotel.  

The lobby is fairly small with a seating area in the atrium where people can enjoy coffee and tea in the center, a piano on one side, a bar on the far end of the room and the check in desks on the other.  

Check in was quick and painless and I was given a room on the 6th floor.  The hotel is designed like a lipstick case with the rooms on the outside and the elevators in the middle.  

The hotel is also connected to a convention center or some large meeting space so it made for a lot of loud foot traffic throughout the day. I’m not sure what was going on but there were certainly a lot of people milling about in the lobby area and beyond which made the area a bit of a zoo at times.


The room was fairly basic with a bed, desk, and a bathroom that had a shower/tub combo.  The one thing that was annoying was that there was only 1 plug near the desk so charging multiple devices meant needing to use different plugs (and by default multiple adapters).  

In the corner was a small bar area with a small, dated mini fridge. It had some snacks and drinks but nothing really appealing that would make want to try anything. It just seemed like all the items there might have been sitting there for quite some time. Maybe that was due to the dated appearance of the room? I’m not sure.

As a whole, the room wasn’t bad but it felt dated.  There wasn’t anything in particular that stood out but it was the entire package that just made it feel a little old.  Also, one afternoon while I was trying to get some work done as well as book my flight for the next day, the internet went down.  I know the internet going down is a first world problem but I was right in the middle of purchasing my ticket and since Argentina has a rule that says foreigners can’t purchase tickets inside of 24 hours without a credit card issued in Argentina, it forced me to miss purchasing that flight.  


Breakfast was served on the basement floor (one level below the lobby) and it was fairly extensive.  It had everything from fresh juices to multiple types of bread, eggs, bacon, and fruit. The staff were helpful but seemed understaffed especially during the busier times of service when more people were there.  


The staff were all nice and helpful. Particularly helpful was that they had someone who spoke English at the front desk who was able to help me. It isn’t that surprising to see that at hotels in major cities but I wasn’t necessarily expecting that in Cordoba.

Overall Location 

The hotel is located about a 10 min walk to the center of Cordoba.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend walking around the area at night though because it is a bit of a walk.  I never felt unsafe walking back to the hotel but I also “late” for me was around 9:30 pm which is fairly early for most locals as they’re just about to head out for dinner.  

What is nice is that right next to the hotel is a huge mall where you can buy groceries, eat at the food court, or do shopping if needed.  Since everything stays open later here, it is a nice option to have if you want to get a snack at night to just walk over to the food court.  

Final Thoughts

I thought the hotel was perfectly adequate for the price.  However, you might want to think about staying closer to the city center.  It’ll be a shorter walk to get to all the tourist sites but you’ll also have more options in terms of restaurants at night.  

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