Review: The Park Tower – Luxury Collection

Located across the street from the Retiro train station and attached to the Sheraton, this is a boutique hotel inside a hotel.  While the Sheraton has a more modern feel to the lobby area, the Park Tower has a more regal/elegant feel.

Although it has modern touches, the hotel itself feels more like a throwback to a previous era with the doorman wearing a top hat and tails, tea being served at 5pm, and the rooms having a more upscale look than a modern space. 

If you’re taking a cab from the airport (either AEP or EZE), you may want to double check the hotel location since the Park Tower didn’t come up as the proper hotel.  My driver wasn’t sure of the hotel but once I showed him where it was on Google maps, he knew exactly where it was. If you’re using the taxi kiosk at the airport, it’ll probably be easier to just type in Sheraton instead to make sure you’re going to the right hotel.  

Lobby and Check in

Although the Park Tower is attached to the Sheraton, it has its own separate entrance and distinctive feel.  At the door, you’re greeted by a doorman wearing tails and a top hat. As you walk in, the lobby feels outdated in a way.  It’s nice but I certainly wouldn’t call it modern.  

Checking in was a breeze as there is no check in counter.  Instead, there are desks where you’re invited to sit and have a drink while the check in process is completed.  I was given a quick overview of the hotel and told that tea would be served in the lobby lounge area between 5-7 pm.  I thought that was a fitting touch especially considering the decor.


First impression of the room (and the hotel in general) is that it’s a bit dated.  Certainly a more Downton Abbey feel vs. Avengers. The color scheme to the decor just doesn’t meet the modern aesthetic of dark tones and clean lines.  I guess that just makes the room feel older than it should.  

I was upgraded to a deluxe room with a city view on the 19th floor and it did not disappoint.  The room had a king size bed, desk, sitting area, his and hers closets, etc.  Pretty much anything you needed was there. The bathroom had a shower and tub along with a separate water closet so multiple people could use the bathroom at the same time.  

The view of the city was fantastic since you could see all the people coming and going as well as the constant parade of busses that would take passengers throughout.  I instantly fell in love with the view.  

The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was that the outlets used a different plug than the ones I was prepared for and even my universal adapter couldn’t help.  I called what I thought was the front desk to see if I could borrow one and one was brought up immediately. However, it wasn’t by some random person but by my own personal butler. 

I certainly wasn’t expecting that. 

Eva quickly introduced herself and said if there was anything I needed, to just pick up the phone and she’d make it happen.  I can’t say I called for the rest of my stay because I didn’t really need anything but I was certainly impressed. I guess I’m just not a butler type of person.


The hotel is located about a 10 min drive from AEP airport and it’s very simple to get to.  It’s also located near all the metro and bus lines so getting around town is a breeze. It even has a couple parks across the street to walk in and enjoy the outdoors.

However, I was warned when I checked in that I shouldn’t necessarily walk around outside at night.  Or more accurately, I should carry anything I wouldn’t want stolen because it just wasn’t safe to walk around with cameras and phones at night.  I was told if I wanted to go out, I should go into the city and take a taxi vs. walking and/or going toward the coast. 

The main shopping area is along Ave. Cordoba and it’s about a 5-10 min walk from the hotel.  The mall petty much extends for blocks into the city. The mall is pedestrian only but it’s also a very popular spot for people to go on their lunch break so expect it to be crowded.  

Since Buenos Aires is so large, you’ll have to figure out where you want to stay first.  I thought the hotel was fine considering it was close to the main metro station as well as the AEP airport.  However, you should be able to find more budget friendly hotels depend on where you want to go and what you want to do.  


As a perk for my platinum status, I had the choice of a welcome amenity of cheese and wine, points, or breakfast.  Since I don’t drink, the wine would have been wasted on me and so I just chose the breakfast instead.  

Breakfast was an elegant spread with everything you could want.  Eggs, bacon, a million different types of bread and pastries, the works.  Breakfast was served on the 2nd floor opposite the business center and had an indoor and outdoor (not outdoor per se but an atrium sort of thing) seating area.  The main highlight were all the pastries though. They must have had 10 different types daily. 


Although the decor and the style of the hotel may not suit you, the impeccable service will.  From the staff at check in to the restaurant to the lounge, etc., the hotel staff was absolutely incredible.  They certainly have an understanding of service and it came off as very genuine.  

A great example of this is when I went downstairs for breakfast the 2nd morning.  The woman who seated me remembered me from the day before and referred to be my name.  It’s small touches that really make a property stand out for me and makes me feel welcome as a guest vs. just another person walking the halls.  

Even for afternoon tea in the lounge, the staff was helpful and genuinely everyone there made the hotel a welcoming place to be.  Maybe I’m easily impressed or maybe I the bar has been lowered so much that things like this stand out for me. But I cannot say enough about the staff and how helpful they all were.  


I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here.  Although I wouldn’t consider the décor as my style, it certainly fit with the theme of the hotel.  And the service from the staff was incredible. The location is also fantastic in that it’s very close to all public transport.  The only knock is that there aren’t very many food options close by. Most food options are about a 10 min walk away. Although that isn’t  a big deal normally, when you’re told not to walk around the area at night and when most restaurants really start serving dinner at 9 to 10 pm, it’s kind of unavoidable.

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