Warehouse Hotel Singapore Review

I was only going to be in town for one night and I didn’t want to stay at a conventional run of the mill hotel so I decided to switch it up a bit and stayed at the Warehouse Hotel. 

Young, trendy, and chic, this small 37 room boutique hotel is located in the Robertson Quay area of Singapore and is a little bit of a walk away from the normal touristy area of the Marina.  However, this is definitely the area to stay in if you’re looking for trendy restaurants, late night bars, and an overall youngish vibe. 


The closest MRT station is either Chinatown or Fort Channing.  Coming from Changi airport, you can switch to the Blue Line at the first stop and take it all way to Fort Channing.  From there, it’s about a 10 minute walk to the hotel. 

From the hotel, it’s about a 15 minute walk to Chinatown and maybe 30 minutes to the marina.  However, I’d recommend taking a Grab (aka Uber) if you really want to get around.  It’ll probably be about 10 SGD but mainly, you won’t have to walk around in the humidity.  If the hotel were located a bit closer to a MRT station, then I’d completely recommend the MRT but for anyone who hasn’t been to Singapore before, the humidity can be killer. 

First Impressions

This hotel used to be a former warehouse and it doesn’t have the look or feel of a regular hotel (in a very good way).  However, the design is really cool and modern but has a rustic look to it as well.  I’m not a designer but I’d call it barnyard chic if I had to describe it.

Warehouse Hotel in Singapore
Lobby of Warehouse Hotel

As you walk in, the check in desk is immediately to your left and the staff was very attentive.  Because it’s such a small hotel, it seemed like the staff was able to really go out of their way to provide great service since the guests were so limited.  They were able to guide me to certain eateries, point out the amenities, and even escorted me to my room and showed me all the features of the room. 

Warehouse Hotel in Singapore
Bar area of the Warehouse Hotel.

The hotel does have a pool on the 2nd floor but it’s small.  I would probably describe it as a very large hot tub than a pool but it keeps with the theme and has this infinity edge on both sides.  I only saw it at night so I guess I didn’t have as great an appreciation as I could have.  There are also lounge chairs there but the hotel is off a major street so I don’t think you’d want to spend too much time there. 


So my understanding is that each of the 37 rooms is different (which makes sense).  Being a former warehouse, the roof is definitely going to play a part in the design of the rooms.  That said, I would have liked to have seen what the other rooms look like just for comparison. 

I was given room 102 on the first floor and it was a decent size.  It certainly was smaller and with my Marriott status, I guess I’m a little spoiled in terms of room upgrades when they’re available (first world problem I know).  But it had all the necessities.

The odd thing was that there was a glass wall that separated the bedroom from the bathroom.  Now there was a screen that you could activate if you wanted to close the blinds and the door to the bathroom was a sliding glass door.  Since it was just me, I obviously didn’t care but you may not enjoy it as much if you want some privacy. 

In the room was the usual mini fridge, safe, and overpriced snacks.  However, they had a few things that I’ve never seen before.  They called it the “minibar of vice” and it had a pack of condoms, eyemask, feather, and a small whip.  That’s definitely a first but hey, if you’re here with your significant other and you want to spice things up, the Warehouse has you covered.  I don’t know how much they would’ve charged but I guess this could save you from having to come up with an excuse if you’re ever stopped at airport security. 

Warehouse Hotel in Singapore
The minibar of vice at the Warehouse Hotel.

The bathroom was stocked with Ashley & Co bodywash, shamoo, and conditioner but they were in the larger refillable bottles vs. the individual ones (which I like since the smaller bottles are such a waste of plastic but I get that some people prefer the smaller bottles to take home).  There was also a basket of toiletries in case you forgot your toothbrush, razor, etc. 

Things I Noticed

The first thing is that if you have the choice of a riverfront room on the first floor, you may want to pass on that.  You’ll basically have people walking by your room so you’ll probably want to keep the blinds closed and won’t be looking out very much.  If you do want a riverfront room, I’d recommend asking for a room on the 2nd floor so you can actually look outside and enjoy it to some extent. 

Another thing is that the lobby turns into a semi nightclub at night.  Now it isn’t like a Vegas nightclub with music blasting into the morning but it’s certainly a place you’d go to have a drink and hang out for sure.  It definitely has that ultra lounge (is that still a thing?) feel and look to it.  Luckily, there is a door in front of every hallway that leads to the rooms that I think is soundproof because I didn’t hear it at all at night.  It was only when I came back from dinner and walked through the lobby that I noticed the music. 

The hotel is in a very trendy neighborhood so all the restaurants around the area seemed to cater to a younger crowd.  That said, I also felt like the area was catering a lot to tourists as well (next door is a Four Points Sheraton, Intercontinental, Holiday Inn and countless other hotels) so the prices at these restaurants are pricey.  Singapore is a pretty pricey place to begin with so I felt like they were definitely charging a premium for that space.  That said, a couple blocks down from the hotel is a mall so there’s probably a food court or hawker center there (depending on the time). 

Final Thoughts

The Warehouse hotel is a cool trendy place to stay.  It may not meet everyone’s needs depending on the purpose of your travel but it’s definitely in a cool, trendy spot.  That said, if you’re used to a business lounge or gym, this isn’t going to work for you.  Also, the distance from the MRT may be an issue for some.  For as much as I love Singapore, the humidity is not one of them.  If there were a MRT stop within a couple minutes, that would be fine but a 10 minute stroll through the heat can feel like a million miles.  Overall, I was really pleased with my stay and glad to have stayed at such a cool place. 

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