Singapore A380 First Class Review

To be honest, I’d been wanting to fly the new A380 suites on Singapore for quite some time but the routes they fly never really worked into my plans.  Finally, the opportunity came up and I jumped all over it.  I cannot think of another time where I flew first class and felt this much attention, friendliness, and genuine helpfulness.  I honestly don’t know how to begin writing this review without mentioning the service and circling back to the service over and over again.  It was that impressive. 

Suites class is only on the A380 and is an absolute marvel.  2 tv screens, a bed that unfolds  separate from the chair, and a chair that would make Captain Kirk jealous are just some of the great amenities on this flight.  However, ultimately, it came down to the cabin crew who made this flight  memorable and world class. 

I’ve flown first class on a number of different airlines as they showcase their premium product.  Although there are differences in the hard product as well as the service, I have never felt like I was provided poor service or somehow shortchanged  with the level of detail. 

All that changed tonight with this flight from Singapore to Mumbai.  If you had only seen the level of service.  I honestly can’t tell you how much she put every other airline’s service to shame.  Of course the hard product with everything in the suite was fantastic.  But it just doesn’t matter if the service is mediocre.  This blew me out of the water. 

Suite Layout

There are 6 suites in the First Class cabin and they’re all suites.  I actually think the suites look large on camera than they really are.  The cool thing about these suites is that they open up to the adjoining suite so if you’re traveling with a significant other, you can have the cabin crew make your bed and bring down the partition that separates the suites so that you can sleep with your partner.  It’s actually pretty cool as long as you don’t get any ideas about joining the mile high club.

I was sitting in suite 1A but unfortunately there was someone in 2A so I couldn’t get the flight attendant to lower the partition but to be honest, I wasn’t very tired and I felt bad even thinking about asking her to make my bed if I knew I wasn’t going to sleep in it. 

The chair is basically a captain’s chair that swivels around so that you can face forward and stare as a small screen during takeoff and landing or swivel it to face the pretty massive tv next to the bed. 

The suite itself had so many buttons that it was kinda overwhelming.  There were buttons and a control board on the iPad/tablet that was at your seat as well as controls hidden in the armrest of your captain’s chair.  If that weren’t enough, there was also another set of touch controls that were next to the vanity and storage compartment  to adjust the lighting, TV screen, and even the window blinds. 

The suite doesn’t have “storage” in the traditional space but there is a closet within the door that will fit your carry ons.  The one thing to note is that if you do happen to have a thicker carry on, you may have to take out something from the outer pockets to make it thin enough to fit.  The outer pocket is where I keep my light rain coat so it was a tight squeeze at first but as soon as I took it out, it slid right in.  Your bags only need to be stowed during take off and landing so if for whatever reason your bag doesn’t just slide in, you can just take everything out and repack everything upon arrival I guess. 

My only complaint would be that whomever designed the suites probably didn’t sit in them before they were fully installed.  Although I’m sure the suites looked great on paper, the one thing you could see is the person sitting across from you if you both had your doors opens.  Also, since the tvs were located along the aisle, if you wanted to watch a movie or anything on the tv, you’d be looking at the person across from you if you didn’t have your door shut.  I guess it isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I think that most people would want that extra bit of privacy so they can work, sleep, or eat without staring at someone they don’t know. 

singapore a380 first class
Being able to see directly into the suite across from me when eating.

Food and Drinks

As with all passengers flying in premium cabins, you can choose to order off the menu or preorder your meal via the Book the Cook program.  I had preordered the cury pata lobster which was an Asian take on their usual lobster thermidor dish. 

Instead of going through all the options one by one, feel free to look at the menu and drinks options below.  Suffice it to say you will not leave hungry or thirsty after this flight. 

Although I had eaten a late lunch, I made it a point NOT to eat anything in the Private Room so I would have some sort of appetite on the flight. 

The one thing I really noticed was how MASSIVE the table was.  I mean it was massive.  It could easily be seat two people if you wanted to share a meal with someone.  Unfortunately, it isn’t possible because of the location of the seats and so even if you had adjoining suites, there would be no way to pull the chairs together to eat.  But I imagine anyone traveling with someone might just enjoy having a little bit of time to themselves so maybe that’s a good thing. 

Other Musings

The one thing I feel like I have to mention is the bathroom.  Now I admit this isn’t something I typically notice and the only other time I did notice it was when I flew Emirates first and had a shower. 

singapore a380 first class bathroom
Huge bathroom with a massive vanity.

I guess it’s interesting how the designers come up with the plans to maximize the space on the plane.  Emirates added a shower but Singapore decided to put in a massive bathroom with a huge vanity that would make anyone jealous. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, the style of the cabin is really cool, modern, and chic.  I guess it would all depend on your style but I find the Emirates style to be a bit….Liberace-ish.  I really thought the style of the cabin fit the design and overall atmosphere of Singapore Airlines. 

However, and I really can’t say this enough, the cabin crew was absolutely phenomenal.  I honestly feel like they were the ones who really blew my expectations out of the water.  Everyone there seemed genuinely happy and had an amazing helpful attitude.  They didn’t want to just do their jobs but they wanted to excel at it.  That just added to the entire experience and easily made this the most enjoyable flight I’ve ever taken.  My only complaint is that it was only 5 hours long. 

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