Marriott Abu Dhabi Downtown – Review

I flew into Abu Dhabi from Sri Lanka super late so although I was staying for 2 nights, I was really only there for 1 day since I would arrive late and leave early.  In my view, Abu Dhabi is the older sister to the younger and more popular city of Dubai. It lacks the glitz and glamour of Dubai but has a more established feel.  

The hotel is about a 20 min Uber ride from the airport and centrally located.  It’s also right across the street from a mall so if you’d like to do some shopping before heading home, it’s all right there.  The service was good but it was certainly lacking in some spots but that could be attributed to it being a newer property. 

Check In 

I arrived around 1 AM and to say I was tired is an understatement since my flight was delayed by about 2 hours.  I had hoped to arrive earlier and get a proper meal before everything closed but that wasn’t going to happen at 1.  

Check in went smoothly and I was quickly given my room key.  TBH I pretty much passed out and didn’t even bother turning off the lights since I was I so tired. 


The room was a great size since I was upgraded due to my platinum status. The layout was a bit odd in that the one side of the room was a massive closet and although there was a lounge chair, it faced the desk. The TV obviously faced the bed so it was just a bit odd.

Marriott Abu Dhabi
Marriott Abu Dhabi
Marriott Abu Dhabi
Marriott Abu Dhabi

I always appreciate a desk so I can get some work done and waiting for me was a welcome note with a design your own cupcake kit. I enjoy seeing what different properties provide and this was a first for me so I thought it was nice way to differentiate from other properties.

Marriott Abu Dhabi

The bathroom was also a good size and had all the usual amenities A soaker tub, separate shower, and a toilet were all there as well as a double vanity. The toiletries were Acca Kappa branded which was nice.

Marriott Abu Dhabi
Marriott Abu Dhabi
Marriott Abu Dhabi


So after a late wake up, I made it down to the restaurant for breakfast.  Oddly, this is where I felt the service lacking. 

Now the restaurant was large enough with ample seating so I was seated quickly.  But I also like to sit in the corner where it isn’t as busy (vs being seated right next to the food) and also since it’s usually quieter.  Now when I sit I don’t expect much more than a drink order and dirty dishes cleared. The problem was that I wasn’t asked for a drink order and every time I got up to grab something, my dishes were cleared and the table reset.  

I’m not that keen on wasting food so I don’t know why would clear dishes with food still on them and I just found it wasteful especially when I just got back to my seat with food and then got up to grab some juice or a condiment I forgot and came back to a cleared table.  

Happy Hour

There is an executive lounge on the top floor and it was surprisingly busy.  They had food and drinks for 2 hours at night which was nice. Most Marriotts have their happy hour for 3 hours but that may have something to do with drinking laws in the UAE (but I’m not sure).  

Marriott Abu Dhabi Lounge

The food was fine and they had a self serve bar so you could have as much as you wanted.  However, the lounge was open 24 hours so you could go in and grab a soda or some water whenever you wanted which was really nice.  I like to drink soda on occasion so it’s nice to be able to just go up and grab something before heading out.  


The hotel is located in the downtown area of Abu Dhabi.  Uber rides are cheap and plentiful so getting around it very simple and if you’re coming during the summer, you won’t want to spend too much time in the sun.  

Across the street is a massive mall where you can find almost anything you need.  What’s interesting is that on the bottom floor, there is an incredibly large market that sells everything you could possibly want from food to clothes to luggage.  The rest of the mall has everything you’d expect to find so you won’t have to go too far if you’re in the mood to shop. 

Overall Impressions

The Marriott Abu Dhabi Downtown is a nice hotel that’s located close enough to the airport but also in downtown so you won’t be too far from anything you might want to see.  The grand mosque is also only about 15 mins away and very easy to get to so I thought the location was central and good. 

My only complaint would be with the staff at the breakfast buffet since they were so quick to clear the table that it seemed like they were trying to turn the tables as quickly as they could even though there was ample seating.  

Overall, I thought the hotel was fine and great for the price.  The amenities were good and the staff were friendly and helpful.  I don’t think many tourists visiting Abu Dhabi are going to be staying too long since there isn’t much to do so I think the Marriott gives great bang for the buck in terms of offering a nice hotel in a good location. 

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