Athens Combo Ticket

When you visit Athens, you’re obviously going to want to visit the Acropolis to see the Parthenon and walk around the historical site. However, you’ll have the option of just paying for a ticket to the Acropolis for 20 Euros However, you’ll have the option of having access to 6 other sites (7 in total) for 30 Euros.

Whether or not the combo ticket is going to largely depend on your interest in seeing these different historical sites. However, I don’t think the average person is going to get much use out of buying the combo ticket. That said, the Acropolis and the Roman Acropolis are definitely worth going, so it may be worth it just o save yourself the hassle of buying separate tickets.

Where to Buy Your Ticket

You will absolutely want to buy your ticket online. You can go HERE to buy the ticket straight from the Greek government and it’ll be emailed to you. You’ll just have show your QR code to each of the sites as you enter. If nothing else, remember to purchase your ticket online since that will save your countless aggravation from standing in line to purchase your ticket. You’ll see a massive line form at the Acropolis as people wait to purchase their ticket while those who have their ticket already will be able to go the front and just scan their QR code to get in.


Obviously this is the main draw for all tourists visiting Athens. I would recommend going early and being there right when it opens. You’ll beat the heat and you’ll be able to walk around fairly unhindered for the first hour or so. I got there right when the gates opened at 8 and I was still beaten by visitors. However, by getting there early, I was able to get photos and walk around without much of a crowd.

I will say the path to take was basically dictated to all the visitors because of Covid and to allow for social distancing. Unfortunately, that meant that if you entered the site from the south gate, you could basically work your way through the Acropolis and not have to backtrack.

However, if you entered through the main gate, you were forced to backtrack, making it an unnecessaryily longer walk. The Acropolis also had the north side of the park closed. It didn’t provide a reason so I’m not sure why that was.

Obviously I don’t know what I missed since part of the park was closed but assuming it wasn’t a lot, you really won’t need more than 3-4 hours to walk around. And that would be really taking your time through the site. My guess is you won’t need more than a couple hours to walk around. The top of the Acropolis isn’t that large so you’ll kind of walk around, take photos, and then be done with it.

Ancient Agora of Athens

Of the other sites included in the price of a combo ticket, I thought this was the only other site worth visiting. Located right next to the Acropolis, you can start at the Acropolis and the walk downhill toward the Roman site. The site has a number of different ruins to see but they have a recreation of the Stoa of Attalos which is really stunning. Don’t forget to go upstairs as well. The stairs are at either end of the building and a bit hidden so it’s easy to just right by it.

Other Sites

Here are photos of some of the other sites your combo ticket will allow entry. To be honest, I didn’t think they were worth the time to visit. Most of the sites are small and won’t really take more than 10 mins to walk around. I really didn’t know what I was looking at most of the time. I will say the saving grace was being able to use a restroom without having to pay, which isn’t always possible in the city.

Final Thoughts

The Acropolis is the main attraction for any visitor to Athens and is well worth the visit. Just remember that you’ll save yourself a ton of time by buying your ticket online and avoiding the line. Also, try to figure out if a combo ticket is really worth it for you. If you think you’ll visit the 2 sites I mentioned earlier, then I think it is worth it because it’ll save you time and the hassle of buying separate tickets. But if your only desire is to visit the Acropolis, I don’t think it’s worth getting the combo ticket.

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