Griniaris – Rhodes Restaurant Review

I actually stumbled across this restaurant by accident.  I was actually looking to find another restaurant but when I got there, it was being remodeled.  As I walked away, I stumbled across Griniaris and, being starving, I just decided to stop and eat.  I was extremely lucky.  

If you want to get a real locals feel for Rhodes Island or Greece in general, leave the downtown area of Rhodes and head about 20 mins (walking) outside the city walls.  There, you’ll find Griniaris and be treated to a seafood feast of local Greek food that you won’t forget.  


Griniaris is located about 1 mile south from the main downtown area of Rhodes.  It’s about a 20 min walk and you’ll be walking uphill for a part of it.  If you’re visiting the ancient stadium or the Acropolis of Rhodes, you can actually use that free parking lot and walk to the restaurant, which is about 5 mins away.  It’s about a block off the main street and surrounded by residential apartments and homes.  You really won’t find many (if any) tourists here.  

The restaurant itself is fairly small and on a hot evening, you’ll want to sit at one of the few tables outside and enjoy the breeze.  

The owners are a couple with the husband who will be your host and the wife who will be in the kitchen.  They’re just so friendly and welcoming and their only concern is to make sure you leave full and happy.  Once you taste the food, you’ll definitely be both.  


The menu is small and concise.  A black dot on the menu means that particular item isn’t available that day.  You can ask the owner for a recommendation if you aren’t sure about what to order but it’ll all depend on what you enjoy eating.  I went there 2 consecutive nights (yes it really is that good) and had different items every time.  

Also, if you aren’t sure of what to order, ask the owner about it.  He’ll be more than happy to bring you a sample (even though it’s a VERY generous “sample” ) for you to try.  Both nights,, I would order my food and without fail, 2 to 3 other dishes would appear for me to try.  Sometimes, he’d bring out items that weren’t on the menu just to let me try it.  Like I said, they want you to leave full and happy.  


Both nights, the bill came to around 20 Euros (about $23 US) which I thought was really well priced.  The euro can get a little pricey and expensive but since this wasn’t in the touristy area and strictly a locals eatery, the prices were reasonable and worth every cent.  Considering how many samples I received as well as the size of the portions, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth here. 

Final Thoughts

When visiting any country, I always try to avoid the touristy areas.  The menus are catered to the tourists and you never get to enjoy the food the locals enjoy. Griniaris is exactly what you’d want and expect to eat while on a Greek Island.  Fresh seafood, lovingly prepared, and incredibly tasty.  You will not be disappointed while eating here and it’s the perfect way to finish a long day of sightseeing.  Enjoy the Greek life, take your time, and enjoy the food.  It might just be the most memorable part of your trip.  

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