One World Lounge at LAX

Traveling in Iberia business class meant I had access to the One World Lounge at LAX. Although I wouldn’t consider it as good as the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX, it’s still a deent lounge with ultra modern decor that certainly can’t hurt while you wait for your flight.

Located on the 2nd floor (or the floor above the main floor where you pass through security), it’s right next to the PF Chang’s restaurant. The lounge is actually pretty spacious with ample seating located throughout the space. It’s dimly lit and has a bit of a nightclub lounge feel to it and I’d say the decor matches the ambience.

As you walk in, there’s a bar where you can order any type of drinks, cocktails, and beer as well as any nonalcoholic drinks. The bartender was very attentive and quick to pour anything you asked. To the left of that was a buffet area where they served different types of food. I will say I though the food selection was a little lacking. Not that there was anything bad with it but it just seemed like they didn’t have as wide a selection as you might expect or see at the Star Alliance Lounge. However, I’m not sure if the selection was limited because of Covid or not so that could be a bit unfair on my part.

In the back, there were also some cubicles/desk space along with a printer that allowed people to get some work done if needed. It was located in the back which was a quiet part of the lounge (even though the overall lounge was fairly quiet).

Also, note that this lounge, as well as LAX, requires masks during this time (2022). I was travelling during mid April and although California had gotten rid of the mask mandate indoors, I was shocked to learn that they were still required inside the terminal. Knowing that masks were required on my flight, I was lucky to have one in easy reach or I would’ve been caught flat footed.

My one downside to the space was that there wasn’t anywhere to look out over terminal or tarmac or the terminal. One of my favorite areas of the Star Alliance Lounge is the “outside” terrace area that overlooks the terminal. Even the KAL lounge has a terrace area that overlooks the lounge and I always thought it was a great place to people watch and enjoy the hustle and bustle of TBIT.

I didn’t really eat anything at the lounge because I had gone over to the American Airlines Flagship lounge in Terminal 4 before heading to TBIT so I can’t comment on the food. That said, the food didn’t look nearly as appetizing in the One World Lounge vs. the AA Flagship lounge.

In the back were the showers and restrooms. I didn’t take a shower this time around since I poorly timed my trek from T4 back to TBIT but I imagine they’re the comparable to any business class lounge shower.


Overall, I’d say the One World Lounge is adequate and certainly useful. However, I wouldn’t call it the best lounge at LAX and if you have the time, I’d certainly recommend walking the 10 mins over to T4 to access the AA Flagship lounge. Although the dining room at the Flagship lounge was closed due to Covid, there was still a sizable selection of food along with deserts and drinks.It might also be less crowded than the OW Lounge so for an extra 10 min walk, I’d seriously consider it.

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