Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Munich – Review

Although there are several business class and first class lounges in Munich, I went to the one in Terminal H since that was closest to my gate. The lounge isn’t really anything spectacular but has everything you’d expect. As long as the lounge isn’t crowded, I can see it as a nice place to get away and relax for a while but the lounge does fill up quickly and becomes less peaceful with more people.

The Lounge

As I was flying United Airlines back to the US in business class, I had access to the lounge. BTW, if you’re flying Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austria Airlines and you have the Amex Platinum card, you have access to the Lufthansa Senator lounge regardless of the class you’re flying. As I was walking in, it seemed like the Senator lounge was much quieter but I couldn’t tell for sure.

As you walk in, the bathrooms and showers are immediately to your right. To your left, you’ll see a stand with many of the worldwide newspapers.

The main part of the lounge had 3 main seating areas. The first was a couch and tables mainly for two where you could eat, drink, and visit. Across from that were 6 seater high tables where there were also outlets so you could charge your devices. At the far end of the room were a few rows of couches where most of the people were sitting since the tvs were there as well. I didn’t venture into that area because it was fairly crowded and kids were playing in the area.

In the middle was the food and beverage area. In terms of food….well there really wasn’t any. Hot food consisted of scrambled eggs and cooked mushrooms. At some point during my stay, the mushrooms changed to baked beans. There was an assortment of drinks as well from beer on tap to bottled beer and soft drinks as well. Also, there were self serve drinks where you could make your own drinks.

I guess the highlight is the fresh pretzels you can eat. I had one and it was good. Not much to say about that and they’re popular so they were cranking freshly made ones out pretty regularly.

When I first got there around 7:30am, it was fairly quiet and it was a nice place to sit and get some work done. However, as the morning wore on, more people were coming through to catch their connecting flights and the lounge got busier. I left right when it was time to go to my gate but I think I probably would have left around the same time regardless of when my flight departed because it was getting busy.

Final Thoughts

The Lufthansa Business Class lounge wasn’t anything to write home about but it certainly wasn’t the worst place to be either. There isn’t much in terms of food but it is a nice place to have fresh pretzel and a few German beers before your flight. It isn’t anything flashy but it’s nice place to sit and relax as long as the lounge isn’t too crowded.

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