W Bellevue – Review

Young, trendy, and vibrant, the W brand is certainly marketing itself to a specific clientele. This is NOT your grandfather’s stuffy hotel. It is loud, in your face, and unapologetically catered to people searching for a good time. I thought it was fun and a nice change of pace against the normal business/leisure hotels I usually stay in.


Located in Bellevue, it’s on the eastern side of Lake Washington (the western side being Seattle). Although it isn’t near the tourist hotspots like Pike place, the Space Needle, or the Convention Center, it is a better location if you’re looking for places to eat and drink after 5pm.

I’ve stayed in Seattle numerous times, and my biggest gripe about the city is that almost everything tends to close at 5pm. If you want any sort of nightlife, you need to go to Capitol Hill or Bellevue. Also, if you’re renting a car, you’ll easily pay $25+ a night in parking fees. You won’t run into that in Bellevue. Sure, if you’re taking an Uber or a taxi, it might take 20 mins to get into the city. But for me, it’s worth it. It also gets you out of the normal “touristy” areas and you’ll see a lot more locals milling about in Bellevue than n Seattle.

Check In

I arrived fairly late on Friday evening and the check in counter was located right next to the bar/club and the party was already going with e live DJ and young people having a good time. It was a little difficult to hear the person checking me in because of it but I didn’t mind. I’m long past the age where I find a club with loud music entertaining but I certainly don’t begrudge anyone enjoying a night out.


I used my Suite Night upgrades and was upgraded to a Fantastic Suite. It’s a 1 bedroom 1.5 bath suite so it’s perfect for entertaining or if you want some extra space. As you walk in, there the half bath is directly to your right and you can see the room is definitely not your normal suite. There is a funky looking bar and even a retro record player (although I’m not sure how many people travel with vinyl records). At the far end was a seating area with a large TV.

I guess fitting with the theme, there was no desk available to put my laptop or do any type of work. I imagine the clientele don’t need it, which I understand. It’s just something I’m so used to that when it isn’t there, it feels odd to me.

Walking past the sitting area was the bedroom. The bedroom was massive but you certainly would want to be here with someone you were intimate with and not a friend or an acquaintance you barely know. Privacy is not a thing here with a massive tub located at the foot of the bed and the all glass shower also located right next to the vanity. I guess that just adds to the young vibe feel. Since I was travelling alone, it didn’t bother me but if you’re sharing the room with a few friends, you’ll have to be very comfortable with each other.

The amenities were from Davines and although it isn’t a brand I use, I thought they were nice. I don’t have any prior knowledge of the brand so I can only go my first instinct but I have no complaints.


As a Titanium member, I was given the option of having a continental breakfast for free delivered to my room or have $20 off the bill and ordering breakfast off the menu at The Lakehouse Restaurant, located on the 2nd (hotel lobby) floor. I opted to eat at The Lakehouse because the menu really looked interesting and to me, there isn’t much reason to eat something I can eat anywhere.

The restaurant did not disappoint. The food was delicious, the staff was wonderful, and the setting was serene. I also ate at different times because of what I had to do that day. I tried something new everyday from their take on chicken and waffles to a Mexican breakfast. It was also pretty impressive to see a James Bear medal on their wall as well. Each dish was tasty and if I had an unlimited amount of time, I probably would have tried everything on the menu.

Hotel Amenities

The hotel has plenty of amenities to keep you busy but it does NOT have a pool (at least from what I saw). From a fitness center to a game/pool room area, to a outdoor lounge/relaxation patio, the hotel had every amenity you could want. When you add the nightlife/club aspect on the weekends, I think it just about offers everything you could want to party the weekend.

In an attention to detail, I noticed that the mats inside the elevators were actually changed throughout the day. I don’t know why I found this so amusing or how I even noticed it but I thought that was a nice touch.

Final Thoughts

The W Bellevue is not for everyone. But I understand the type of person the W is marketing towards. It isn’t going after your standard tourist or your average business traveler. It is specifically going after a young, hip crowd. This isn’t to say that people of all ages won’t enjoy the hotel. But it is a hotel that is towards fun and relaxation. Not seriousness and work. The Lakehouse was joy to eat at and I think you’ll enjoy it immensely as well. Finally, the location in Bellevue is much more conducive to finding eateries and bars that are open later vs. staying in Seattle and having to go elsewhere for nightlife. I wouldn’t want to stay in a W brand hotel every week, but it certainly is fun every now and then.

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