Westin Istanbul Nisantasi – Review

 This new Westin property recently opened in Istanbul and is a great addition to the many Marriott properties in the city. The staff really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcomed.

Although the location isn’t necessarily near the tourist sites, it more than makes up for it with its location to the Metro. A clean modern hotel awaits and although there could be some improvement, it might just be the hotel learning as they grow. I’d be happy to stay there again on my next trip to Istanbul.


Located one Metro stop away from the Taksim Metro stop, the property is right next to the Osenbey Metro stop. And by right next to it, I mean the entrance to the Metro can’t be ore than 30 steps from the front doors. It really can’t be any easier to get to any of the site you want to visit. Since most will want to start their trip at Taksim Square, the hotel is located 1 stop away and you will be at Taksim square in about 5 minutes. If you wanted to walk instead of using the metro, it’s about a 15 minute walk from the hotel to Taksim square. Taksim is where the Hava bus will drop you off from the airport (if you chose that destination) so even if you didn’t buy a Istanbulkart card at the airport and don’t have the means to purchase one at the station, it isn’t a tough walk to the hotel.

Near the hotel is a shopping mall where you can get whatever you need I assume. I didn’t go in because I honestly forgot it was there but I imagine it has everyone one would need or want. Also, what’s nice is there are a ton of diffferent eateries located within a 10 minute walk from the hotel. A stroll in any direction will lead to a myriad of eating options from simple doners and cafes to more sophisticated and upscale restaurants. Also, since it isn’t really in a touristy part of town, you won’t see the high tourist prices that you’ll be more inclined to see around Taksim Square, for example.

Check In:

My flight from Munich was a little delayed so by the time I got to the hotel, it was close to 9:30pm. Normally I wouldn’t call that too late but I was so tired and jetlagged, it was all I could do to check in coherently and hot fall dead asleep as I stood there. As you walk in, you’ll have to go through a metal detector first. This is standard operating procedure to everything in Istanbul so don’t be alarmed. You’ll have to go through a metal detector at the Metro station, mall, tourist sites, etc. It isn’t as strict as the airport but you will have to walk through a metal detector.

As you walk in, the check in desks are located to your right. I was quickly checked in and given the choice for my welcome amenity. I chose breakfast as I think that offers the most value. I was also upgraded to a terrace room with a courtyard room. I was told that although the rooms are all nonsmoking, I could smoke on the terrace/balcony if I wanted.


I was given room 425 on the fourth floor. I didn’t think the overall size of the room was that much different from a standard room. I think the only difference was that it overlooked the courtyard and thus was very quiet. The hotel does face a very busy street so I imagine those facing the street might have some noise concerns.

As you enter, the bathroom is located immediately to the left and a closet is on the right. The bathroom had a rainfall shower head as well as a movable shower nozzle which was nice. The toilet also had a built in bidet which I think is fantastic and a feature I absolutely love. Falling in further, there was the bed and a desk with all the necessary charging ports. I know I’ve said this before but I absolutely love it when a hotel really thinks things through for the customer and puts everything where it should be. I hate having to charge my laptop on the other side of the room and not be able to use it because the desk isn’t located near any charging ports. The bed also had USB and an outlet as well. Just good design if you ask me.

The terrace was a good size even though I really didn’t get much use of it since it was February and the days were pretty brisk. One thing I did notice about the hotel was that it reminded me of an apartment complex. Across from me were what looked like identical units but the balconies were decorated with plants and from what I could see, it looked like people were living there. For privacy reasons I obviously didn’t take a photo oft that but it did make me wonder. Maybe those ere geared toward long term rentals? I don’t know.


The hotel had a state of the art gym with tons of machines and free weights. I think the front desk even mentioned that there was a personal trainer available for help with a workout if needed. The first time I went down to check it out, there was a person in there but every other time, the gym was empty. That could have also been due to the fact that it was winter so I’m assuming the hotel was not at capacity.

Curiously, the elevators did have a button for the roof but that floor was inaccessible. Since the hotel is new, I don’t know if they’re still in the process of doing something with that space or if the button was there by mistake but I couldn’t find a way up there.

The hotel also has 2 bars. One is located as soon as you enter the property to the right. Along with the small bar is a sitting area where you can watch TV as well as a terrace where you can smoke. The other bar is located in the restaurant past the check in desks. However, the property does not serve alcohol. They had a selection of mocktails you could order as well as bottled kombucha but no alcohol. Alcohol was also unavailable in the minifridge in the room as well. However, there was a wine/bottle opener in the room so my guess is the hotel isn’t surprised by people who want a nightcap and go to the store to buy a few beers or wine.


Breakfast was served at the Corte Verde restaurant on the first floor starting at 6:30m. They had a wide selection of food from hot dishes that changed daily (from fermented sausages, shakshuka, eggs, etc.) as well as an omelet station. There was also an incredible selection of breads to choose from and although the selection mostly stayed consistent, they also had a bread area that was more traditionally Turkish with (what I’m going to describe) a meat or cheese wrapped in pastry, a cheese filled cigar, and more. Of course no Turkish buffet would be acceptable without some simit.

There was also a make your own yogurt station with different types of toppings as well as a selection of mezze. I was fairly impressed with the selection of fruit, nuts and other toppings available. The mezze was no slouch either and they had all different types of homemade, cured meats along different types of cheeses.

Final Thoughts

The Westin Istanbul Nisantasi is a solid hotel choice for those coming to Istanbul who don’t want to spend as much money being close to the Bospherous or closer to “the action”. The fact that the metro is literally steps away from the hotel makes it unbeatable in my book. Hotels that are closer to the main tourist areas won’t have the luxury of having a metro stop so close so it’s conceivable that you’ll be doing more walking anyways. I think the one drawback that most people may have is the lack of alcohol. I know many people like to have a beer or a glass of wine for dinner or a few drinks while watching a game so the lack of a bar may deter some. Maybe that’s an issue they’ll address in the future. The fact that there is so much close by makes this place a winner in my book. 

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