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DSC01666I’m a regular guy with a 9-5 job who has a passion for travel.  As of May 2019, I’ve traveled to 37 countries, met incredible people, and eaten some amazing food.  All while traveling solo.  I’m fortunate enough to use points and miles to travel the world and stay in some amazing places while keeping costs to a minimum.

However, this blog isn’t about traveling the world for pennies on the dollar.  There are some fantastic writers who do that better than me.

Why travel solo?  Mainly because I can when others can’t.  I get to be selfish in my time because I only have to do what I enjoy.

This blog is about sharing ideas for the solo traveler who works professionally and is limited by the amount of vacation time available.  It offers travel advice and guides to those who need to maximize their time and money.  It’s about having the “ain’t nothing gunna stop me” attitude, living life to the fullest, and being fearless in the pursuit of experiencing different cultures.

People like us tend to run into a different set of problems when we’re on our own.  Costs are higher since we don’t have anyone to split the bill with and we have to be more prepared to think on our feet since we don’t have anyone to rely on.  Aside from money, we don’t have that peer pressure there to push us out of our comfort zone and it’s easier to chicken out.  We also have to deal with any feelings of loneliness, difficulty communicating, and even medical emergencies that may arise.

But that’s the beauty of independent travel.  I learn from my mistakes and apply those lessons to the next trip.  I feel freedom when I’m left alone in my thoughts, walking around a city early in the morning as I try to find the perfect spot to take a photo. I like to be unplugged from the world to actually appreciate where I am and how lucky I am to be there.

The independence we gain from not having to compromise on our travels is amazing and I wouldn’t want to travel any other way.  I’ll share my trips and hopefully provide some ideas and useful tips for your next vacation.


Find out more about me here: Who’s this for?

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