Visited Paracas for a short 2 day stay about 4 hours south of Lima.  It’s a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere that seems to be a haven for backpackers.  However, it is the launching point for anyone wanting to see the Nazca lines.  From my understanding the lines are so massive that … More Paracas

Lima the Day After

I arrived in Lima last night about 15 mins before the start of a very big game.  I didn’t know it at the time, but I knew something was strange when I exited the airport and about half the people were wearing red and white jerseys. After getting to my hotel about an hour later, … More Lima the Day After

Comic Con 2017!

It’s that time of year again.  For a few days every year, the city of San Diego basically shuts down and welcomes in all kinds of fans from all over the world for all things comic.  This really isn’t something that interests me too much but I have gone  (although it was a number of … More Comic Con 2017!

Summer Travel

Something that dawned on me is how expensive it must be for families to go on vacation.  This isn’t a recent revelation in that the typical family has more plane tickets to buy, mouths to feed, etc., but I didn’t think about how all their vacations are tied to the school year.  That said, it … More Summer Travel

Almost There

So after a full day of travelling, I’m about 5 hours away from Easter Island.  It’s now 7am in Santiago and after a quick bite, it’s off to the final leg of this journey.  The main drawback to the whole thing is that I don’t really sleep on planes so I’m basically on empty right … More Almost There