T&J Pupuseria

Want food made with pride and love? ✔. Served at an unassuming shed off a dirt path? ✔. A taste you can’t beat and will crave as soon as you leave? ✔. Talk about a hole in the wall place that is a little confusing to get to (if using Google maps).  But the journey … More T&J Pupuseria

Butchers Club Burger

So, a burger joint in the heart of Hong Kong when you’re surrounded by all these amazing restaurants?  Absolutely.  Look, as much as I love eating all types of food, sometimes, nothing beats a good ol’ burger and fries to hit the spot.  This place will not disappoint.  I actually found out about this place … More Butchers Club Burger

Next Destination!

Well it’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been struggling to get back on track from my short trip over to Poland while trying to plan my next trip.   So, I’ve decided to go to Indonesia and check out Borobudur!  I love all things ancient and historic and visiting places with significant … More Next Destination!

Lucky Timing

So my understanding here at the Galapagos is that there is a specific lobster season and lobsters must be of a certain size and sex in order to be caught.  Also, they need to be caught alive.  Well with all the conservation efforts throughout the islands, the lobsters here have a chance be become ginormous.  … More Lucky Timing

Destination Berlin

It’s hard to imagine a city with such contrasting styles than Berlin.  The old divide is clearly visible all around you in the architecture alone.  The former East Berlin has a very sterile feeling to the area as all the buildings look like massive concrete blocks with little to no character.  Contrast that to the … More Destination Berlin