Is Travelling Safe?

A few people have asked (especially recently) if I feel safe travelling solo abroad (either due to the political climate here in the US or with incidents occurring in cities).  My answer is a resounding YES.  Here’s why. First, let’s get the political nonsense out of the way.  Regardless of your political beliefs, I’ve never … More Is Travelling Safe?

Destination Berlin

It’s hard to imagine a city with such contrasting styles than Berlin.  The old divide is clearly visible all around you in the architecture alone.  The former East Berlin has a very sterile feeling to the area as all the buildings look like massive concrete blocks with little to no character.  Contrast that to the … More Destination Berlin


Some might like to just wander around and see where the day takes you.  I always try to have at least one rest day like that every week if I’m travelling for over two weeks.  As exciting as solo travel is, it’s also mentally exhausting at times.  Sometimes, I feel like the only time I … More ZZZZZZ Days


I think this goes without saying but try to do things that you wouldn’t be able to do back home.  Regardless of how stupid you might think you’ll look, the worst feeling would be to regret not taking advantage of the situation after the fact.  I knew a person who finally got a chance to … More Excursions