Foiled Plans

It never seems to fail that on every trip, something happens where I can’t do something on my list for one reason or another.  Inevitably, it’s always due to some outside circumstance outside of my control ie closed for maintenance, weather, train strike, etc.   It’s always easy to say that you’ll visit the site … More Foiled Plans

Making the Connection

Sometimes overlooked but incredibly important when planning a trip is to make sure you give yourself plenty of time for transfers.  This is especially true if you’ve pieced together a flight itinerary on multiple airlines.   If you’ve booked 1 airline to your final destination, an airline will work with you if there is a … More Making the Connection

Visa Rules

I think there may be a common misconception that with a US passport, Americans can freely enter and leave a country at will.  Although this is mostly the case, there are numerous countries where a visa is needed prior to arrival or can be obtained upon arrival.  Anyone hoping to do any type of travel … More Visa Rules