Next Destination!

Well it’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been struggling to get back on track from my short trip over to Poland while trying to plan my next trip.   So, I’ve decided to go to Indonesia and check out Borobudur!  I love all things ancient and historic and visiting places with significant … More Next Destination!

Foiled Plans

It never seems to fail that on every trip, something happens where I can’t do something on my list for one reason or another.  Inevitably, it’s always due to some outside circumstance outside of my control ie closed for maintenance, weather, train strike, etc.   It’s always easy to say that you’ll visit the site … More Foiled Plans

Airport Security

Obviously every country has their own security at airports but one thing I think is really nice is that security (the metal detectors bit) is at the gate of departure and not as you first walk into the airport.  Basically every gate has it’s own metal detectors or one bank of metal detectors services just … More Airport Security

Visa Rules

I think there may be a common misconception that with a US passport, Americans can freely enter and leave a country at will.  Although this is mostly the case, there are numerous countries where a visa is needed prior to arrival or can be obtained upon arrival.  Anyone hoping to do any type of travel … More Visa Rules

Airport Lounges

With the popularity of premium credit cards, access to airport lounges has become increasingly easier and in many cases a nice reprieve from the chaos at the gates.  A quiet place to get some work done while having a snack and some drinks and outlets to recharge all your devices is really great.  Priority Pass … More Airport Lounges