Castles of Bellinzona

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is about a 2 hour train ride from Zurich almost to the border of Italy. There are 3 castles to visit and all are walking distance to each other as well as the Bellinzona train station. It’s a great way to see something outside of Zurich and explore a different … More Castles of Bellinzona

Turkish Airlines Istanbul Business Class Lounge – Review

The new Turkish Airlines Business Class Lounge feels much larger than the one at the former airport. I’m not sure if it actually is larger but it feels like it. It still has all the charm of the former lounge and the same amenities. It’s spacious with generous seating, ample foods to try, and much … More Turkish Airlines Istanbul Business Class Lounge – Review

Primeclass Lounge, Ankara, Domestic Terminal- Review

As my trip in Turkey was coming to a close, I was flying out of Ankara and headed to Prague. As I was waiting for my short 1 hour flight from Ankara to Istanbul, I decided to check out the Primeclass Lounge. The lounge is adequate with drinks and food available. Serving traditional Turkish cuisine, … More Primeclass Lounge, Ankara, Domestic Terminal- Review

Driving in Turkey

 For the final leg of my trip through Turkey, I had to drive the 3.5 – 4 hours from Ankara to Cappadocia. As I was planning, I was a bit apprehensive about driving since I wasn’t sure what the road conditions would be like. Also, I wasn’t sure if I’d have to drive with snow … More Driving in Turkey