Tsim Chai Kee Noodle Shop

If you want to eat some great noodles at a low price, I can think of none better than Tsim Chai Kee near Hong Kong Station.  This is a very small shop that’s located in what might be considered a small side street.

If you’re looking to check out the mid level escalators, just walk in that direction and then pretty much look around.  If you’re heading for lunch, you can’t miss it since there’ll be a fairly sizable line outside the restaurant.

When I left at 11:30am, a line had formed but 30 mins earlier and I just walked right in.

The place is small and looks like it should barely fit 20 people.  However, it’s pretty impressive how many they fit into each seat and booth.  Don’t expect any privacy since you’ll be seated next to strangers and share the same table (even in a booth).  Basically, if there’s space, expect it to be taken so don’t even think about putting your bag on an empty chair.  

The ladies in green aprons are friendly but straight to the point when they take your order.

There is a small menu written in Chinese and English so you won’t be lost.  It seemed like pretty much everyone was eating the shrimp wonton noodles and it comes at you fast and furious.  You sit down, and within seconds someone will be there to take your order. Then you’ll be handed a piece of paper (which is your bill) and once you’re done, you take that up to the counter to pay (cash only).  If I remember correctly, my dish was $32HKD (about $4 USD).

Look, this place isn’t going to win any awards for decor but it is on the Michelin guide of suggested restaurants, and for good reason.  But even if you don’t put much credence in the Michelin guide, the tons of locals lining up to eat is certainly a good testament for the food.  I got there early to try and beat the rush and barely made it. If you go during lunch hour, you’ll definitely be standing in line and with a lot of tourists.  But time your meal correctly and all you’ll hear is slurping from satisfied Hong Kongers.

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